Lord of evil toy

Lord of Evil in 1:64

1. Trackness Chaser

2. Metallic Monsterz Dalmatian Destruction

3. X9

4. First Edition Drink Your Bottle

5. Blue Ridge Railway

6. Flaming Lord of the Rings

7. Mud Military Bomb Power

8. Lord of Evil

9. Destructionist

10. First Edition Beach Power

11. Metallic Monsterz Buttered Crusher

12. 2013 Arkor-Kolas

13. Hot Wheels

14. First Edition Learning Groove Jumper

15. First Edition Yippy Dog

16. Sky Does Minecraft

17. Hippo Empire

18. Sam the Pirate (Black Shadow variant)

19. Pelican Auto Parts PELICAN (now officially changed to brown)

20. First Edition Dunbar Crusher

21. First Edition 2013 The Yellow Ang

22. Doggie Destruction

23. Driver Danger Dramcryx

24. First Edition HinyWiper

25. The Red Ang

26. Dark Dragon

27. Metallic Monsterz Racehorse

28. Tiger Walk

29. First Edition Maximum Destruction

30. Flaming (First Edition) Flame of Aectes

31. Mud Military Trackness Chaser

32. Darkness Diaper

33. Bathtub

34. First Edition Bips of the Power Staff

35. Flaming Yippy Dog

36. Captain Sparklez

37. Wizard Card

38. First Edition EmpyreanRealm

39. Diggy Diggy Hole

40. Metallic Monsterz (First Edition) Zortz Crusher

41. Buttered Crusher

42. Gerbera Ruler

43. Superman

44. Yogscast Crusher

45. First Edition Destroy All Sammys

46. Flaming Trackness Chaser

47. 2013 Triceratopper (Blue variant)

48. Driver Danger Firetruck

49. I'll Have Another


Double PacksEdit

1. Bathtub vs Bips of the Power Staff

2. Darkness Diaper vs Destroy All Sammys

3. Lord of the Rings vs exclusive Khamul the Easterling

4. Great Evil vs Lord of Evil

5. EmpyreanRealm vs Pelican

Special ReleasesEdit


1. Santa Trucks Trackness Chaser

2. Santa Trucks Lymph Node Destruction

3. Santa Trucks Lord of the Rings

4. Santa Trucks Drink Your Bottle

5. Santa Trucks Superman


1. DreidelSpinners Trackness Chaser

2. DreidelSpinners Arkor-Kolas

3. DreidelSpinners Drink Your Bottle

4. DreidelSpinners Triceratopper

5. DreidelSpinners Doggie Destruction


1. Rabbit Eared Trackness Chaser

2. Rabbit Eared Dalmatian Destruction

3. Rabbit Eared Drink Your Bottle

4. Rabbit Eared Lord of the Rings

5. Rabbit Eared Blue Ridge Railway

World FinalsEdit

1. World Finals II Trackness Chaser

2. World Finals II Drink Your Bottle

3. World Finals II Arkor-Kolas

4. World Finals II Lord of the Rings

5. World Finals II Dark Dragon

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